habits 3Modern Habits

Whilst I have your attention, I want touch upon new modern habits … well, one habit in particular.

habits 2Whether it’s as a family, as a couple or as individuals, we’ve developed this new habit of… well… ignoring the real world and the people around us. I’m holding my hands up to this, and anyone reading this or anything else on their “mobile device” should of course hold their hands up too, unless of course, you’re reading this article out loud to your audience….

Is it really that important…?

habits 5We’re in a new technological age and blah, blah, blah. While your face is buried in your device, the persons next to you without devices, or with devices but not sharing your apparent fascination, are simply feeling…left out.

Some habits are ok, some habits are made to be broken. They’re there to remind us of what we could, and sometimes should be doing instead. As fascinating as the recent leaps in technology have been, and let’s face it, there have been a good many in the last couple of decades, we really shouldn’t forget the people around us. We’re all different and we adopt different things, like technology, at different rates.

Change Habits… Step away from the gadgets…

habits 6Do something… different. Go for a walk, or bike ride or a drive…together, discuss a news item, prepare a snack or a meal…together, find a comedy on the TV and laugh about it… Share something, with someone, and more importantly, make a day of it, or even make a date of it. Pick up the phone to SPEAK to someone, yeah, old fashioned I know, but give it a go. Give yourselves a gadget free period like meal times for example, and remember how it feels to physically communicate with real people, in the real world, in your world…