sorry2Sorry I’ve been absent from my page.

So, as some of you are aware, I took myself back to University in September. It seemed like the right thing to do, what with 2016 turning out to be the absolute monster that it was… so let me first for allowing such a time-lapse between posts. I’m truly sorry. I wouldn’t be here without you guys, so that deserves a mention.

I won’t lie to you and say “YAY, it’s been a breeze getting through the first semester…” It was actually challenging in so many ways.

A list is probably the best way to lay this out so that you get an idea…

  1. Plan ahead. Nothing kicks you up the backside harder or faster than poor preparation. As much as I would like to blame someone else, or the “establishment” for not making me fully aware in good time, as to what is expected of me, I can’t. At the beginning of the semester, they were on point….Sadly, I wasn’t.
  2. Refer to point number 1. Everything is easier if you think and plan ahead. And I mean everything. From your reading lists, right down to the colour of socks you’re going to wear in the morning. Nothing helps you sleep better than preparing as much as possible the night before.
  3. Do your homework. Sounds like common sense? Do it on the day you are given it. Reason being, all the stuff you just learned is fresh in your mind and the mind drops a lot of important stuff over time, and you can’t control time. Strike whilst the iron is actually hot. Leaving it until the night before it is due is like a cold iron on a dry creased cotton shirt…
  4. Eat and drink well. Your body needs to get you places and your brain needs to work when you get there. No lecture here about diets and stuff, just LESS SUGAR and MORE WATER.
  5. Remember the BIG picture. You will have bad days and good ones. Always remember why you are where you are. Have a goal in mind and work backwards from there. CLICHÉ ALERT, you will need to break some eggs if you want that omelette.
  6. Expect Changes. You will have to, not only tailor your days around your new journey, but you will have to get others to tailor theirs around yours too. Don’t expect things to stay as they were, there will be compromises, communication is key here, oh yeah, remember that BIG picture? Keep everyone around you, IN IT.


First semester…

First semester was spent getting my head around this list, and work, and home, and travel, and the list could go on. Thankfully, I am glad to say that, although I got the rough start I was expecting, and it was rough, I more than survived.

sorry5sorry3I met some wonderful people with whom I shared both bewilderment and accomplishment. I was not on that journey alone. There was always someone around who didn’t even need to know the answers, but would be there to talk to. People find asking for help difficult, it’s a fact of life, but it is also a major hindrance. There is nothing wrong with asking, especially when you don’t know something. Guessing, hoping, procrastinating….all ways of timewasting, and that is the last thing you need to be doing. I finished the semester on a high note, and proud of both my decision to return to school, and overcoming my initial hurdles. There will be more…

Time will come with planning, timetables, checklists, routine and understanding, from those around you. I’m more than ready for my second semester now. Sorry for leaving you all for a while, and I’m taking you guys with me this time.



Do you have any hints or tips for dealing with a new environment? A new job, perhaps?

Or maybe you’ve had a hard time getting people to understand your new routine, or just haven’t been able to adjust?

Have your say. Share your experience.