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WELLBEING – this category concerns health and well-being –

the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.
“an improvement in the patient’s well-being”
synonyms: welfare, health, good health, happiness, comfort, security, safety, protection, prosperity,profit, good, success, fortune, good fortune, advantage, interest, prosperousness,successfulness

Mental well-being describes your mental state – how you are feeling and how well you can cope with day-to-day life.

Our mental wellbeing is dynamic. It can change from moment to moment, day to day, month to month or year to year.

If you have good mental wellbeing you are able to:

  • feel relatively confident in yourself and have positive self-esteem
  • feel and express a range of emotions
  • build and maintain good relationships with others
  • feel engaged with the world around you
  • live and work productively
  • cope with the stresses of daily life
  • adapt and manage in times of change and uncertainty

This page covers some ideas to stay mentally well and develop your ability to cope with the up and downs of life:

Unhelpful Thinking Solutions @ 40+

Unhelpful Thinking Solutions @ 40+ (This information was sourced from Over the years, we tend to get into unhelpful thinking habits such as those described below. We might favour some over others, and there might be some that seem far… Continue Reading →

Diets at 40+, Are They So Difficult?

Difficult Diets at 40+ Diets. Do you ever try diets, looking for something ideal and then end up baulking at the sheer complexity of calculations put before you? Does simple become hard work when it comes to cutting calories and dropping… Continue Reading →

Challenge Your Gender Bias (Part 2)… at 40+

Challenge Your Gender Bias (Part 2)… at 40+ Having read Challenge You Gender Bias (Part 1), I’m glad you stuck around for Part 2. Gender bias or inequality is an issue in and around the workplace. Here are a few… Continue Reading →

Challenge Your Gender Bias (Part 1)… at 40+

Challenge Your Gender Bias at 40+ So, as a sort of continuation of my previous post, Stay At Home Dad, I wanted to ask you, yes YOU, whether you recognise Gender Bias in your own day to day thoughts and… Continue Reading →

Stay at home Dad … at 40+

So, instead of Stay at home dad, what I really wanted to write as a heading, was… GENDER DIFFERENCES, FEWER THAN YOU THINK…  Why? I hear you ask all at once…..  Well, for the last 4 months, May, June, July and August,… Continue Reading →

Prostate Cancer Awareness at 40+

Prostate Cancer, are you aware? 1 IN 8 MEN IN THE UK WILL GET PROSTATE CANCER Jacamo is proud to support Prostate Cancer UK who are on a mission to tame prostate cancer within the next 10 years. When it comes to making change happen, money talks. We… Continue Reading →

Adoption at 40+

Apparently, being over 40 is a barrier to adoption. WRONG! In the five years between 2008 and 2013, 66% of adoptions were by the 40+ age group (Figures obtained from the leading London Voluntary Adoption Agency, CORAM). The British Association for… Continue Reading →

Raising Children at 40+

Raising Children at 40+ I cannot possibly cover the sheer size of the topic of raising children at 40+ in one digestible sitting, so I’ll try to break it down into bite size portions as much as possible (constantly referring to… Continue Reading →

Back to school at 40+

Back to school at 40+ Have you considered going back to school, college or university, in order to kick-start an entirely new career? Or maybe to retrain to move yourself higher up the ladder where you are already? Have you been… Continue Reading →

MOT at 40+

MOT at 40+ MOT at 40+ means exactly that. Almost as soon as you hit 40 you tend to notice things going downhill. This is not because you’ve hit 40 but because since 30, you probably haven’t really taken it… Continue Reading →

New Dad, Old Dad

So, from the title, you may have guessed what this post is about, no? New dad, old dad, that’s me. I’ve just been blessed with a little baby boy. A month old at time of publishing, July 2016, and I’m… Continue Reading →


Like most other illnesses, depression is a very personal thing. It hits different people in different ways and is therefore dealt with in different ways. There is no one size fits all “cure” for depression, also, the reasons for it… Continue Reading →

Share Something… With Someone…

Modern Habits Whilst I have your attention, I want touch upon new modern habits … well, one habit in particular. Whether it’s as a family, as a couple or as individuals, we’ve developed this new habit of… well… ignoring the real world… Continue Reading →

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