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This section of FortyBlog concerns general, physical and mental well-being. I’m no medical expert, but a few hints on tips on how to improve your mind, body and soul are welcomed here. The simplest tips could be life changing to someone else.


It’s NEVER too late to learn something new. Try something different everyday. Whether it’s reading a new book, or visiting a new city, country or continent, or picking up new courses and qualifications, share your dreams and achievements here.


My reason for building this site – It’s not a REWARD when your boss pays you for doing what he pays you to do. You have to take a timeout and INDULGE yourself occasionally, remind yourself why you work so hard.


The bits I’ve learned along the way, concerning saving, spending and value for money, how to get more BANG for your BUCKS. I’ve been up, I’ve been down and now I’ve settled somewhere in between. I’m still looking for ways to improve. Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?


Ha ha, last but not least? Wrong, Here on my FortyBlog is where I need all the help I can get, my face and wardrobe are next to the dictionary definition of Fashion Faux Pas.

Being Forty Plus has it’s advantages, but in all instances, I’d like you to join in here at FortyBlog and share your experiences, your knowledge and advice or even just share an anecdote or two. Your age doesn’t really matter. However young you are or feel, we all have a story to tell and there plenty of people out there ready to listen.

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Give a little + Take a little + Learn a lot + Live a lot more. Share your experiences. Have your say.