educate truant1One thing I never did do properly as a kid was read.

It was hard to educate me. I was fine with numbers, Maths, Science etc. I even topped the class with spelling tests but reading was never my thing. The downside of that was that it made me dread certain lessons, which in turn made me miss homework and so on. It wasn’t something my parents picked up on easily back then and like most kids, I did whatever I could to divert attention from my issues by… creating other issues.

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educate stock-photo-37544428-dyslexia-learning-disabilities (1)What I didn’t know then was that I was dyslexic. In fact, I didn’t find that out until I was in my late twenties during a series of meetings with school key workers, ironically enough, discussing the possibility of one of my kids being dyslexic. How I had gotten through Engineering at Uni years before baffled me after discovering that fact. I guess engineering was all or mostly diagrams and numbers.

educate Audiobook-Companion-PDFI digress. What I did get into back then was audiobooks.
I used to borrow tape cassettes, remember those, from the library, plus I was an avid collector of comics and magazines. I was cool with short articles and I was rather more artistic that academic.

Fast-forward to today and I educate myself with audiobooks.

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I have them playing whilst I’m driving, doing chores at home or generally just relaxing at home or wherever I can catch a break. I’ve caught up on a lot of so called big titles that I missed out on as a kid growing up. I even incorporate them into my fitness regime, I use the term “regime” lightly, lol. As an accompaniment to a long walk they are fantastic, plus the chances of walking into street furniture are significantly reduced. 🙂


educate banner 1Whatever you’re into, there’s an audiobook to suit.

Fiction, non-fiction, education, I don’t need to list all the genres but you get my drift. Educate yourself today. Give them a try. Definitely a hands free way to get through books, unless you have Jeeves, Jeffrey or Benson to read to you that is.

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