Health at 40+ is important.

My health-at-forty WAS questionable. I’ll be the first to say I like a bit of cake. You can’t see me but if you could, you’d know I’m not afraid to chow down. Health cake-1515793

It takes it’s toll though, so beware.

Over the last couple of years, I have adopted the “everything in moderation” phrase.

I have tried many diets and over exercised. Achieved fantastic results and then… back to square one.

Where I am now is smaller portions and a little more exercise. A gradual change, but a lifestyle change. One that I can maintain with ease, and it’s working.

If weight is an issue for you, or maybe smoking or drinking or whatever, it’s not too late to ease up (if you want to), and I can generally say you’ll feel better for your health-at-forty plus.

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Nobody wants to be on the left, but at the same time nobody needs to be on the right…somewhere in between is just fine.

Health -at-forty diet-1-1624262One less slice of pizza, one less cigarette per day, one less glass of wine or bottle of beer or whatever your vice is, is sometimes enough to change your life immensely.

Disclaimer: Writing for Health-at-forty plus, I’m not suggesting you starve yourself but….

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Couple a slight change in your eating or drinking habit, with a walk around the block and a few more glasses of water and you could be looking at a whole new person sooner than you think.

I’ve stopped bingeing on cake, now I binge on food for thought…. I think you should too.

It takes anything from 3 days to 7 months to change the habits we pick up during our lives, but it can be done. Some take more work than others, but who ever said it was easy? Take your Health at forty seriously and improve it one day, one step at a time.


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