Hi all, It’s time to treat yourself. Grab a pen…

What 5 things can you think of that you really wanted to do for yourself, or treat yourself with, but for whatever reasons never quite got round to?

Could it be a place you want to visit, a meal you’ve never tried in a restaurant you’ve been to regularly? Or perhaps a book you have yet to read or a movie you have yet to watch?

Could it be a career change maybe? Do you want to turn a hobby into a business?

Or maybe grab a qualification or two? Or even learn a language maybe?

It’s NEVER too late, and all too often, not that expensive either.

To start with, all you need is a pen, a paper, a calendar and a….fridge magnet.

You want to make sure you write stuff down and pin it where you can see it, maybe where others can see it too. Don’t fall into the trap of storing it on a calendar or notepad on your computer, the millions of pages that got you here will just swallow it all up as soon as something else catches your eye.

Write down five things you could treat yourself with, and try to put a date against them. Can be next week, can be next year. Give yourself something to look forward to. Life can’t be all work and no play. You’ve earned it. Put a few pennies aside for that list, they will soon add up. Piggy bank or separate bank account, whatever suits you best. “Look after the pennies…” as they say.

I am looking forward to seeing what you have on your treat lists, and if other people’s treat lists will inspire you to change or add to yours.

What can you recommend?

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