Finance and long-term security were an issue for a long while.

As far as finance is concerned, it took what I consider to be a very long time to get to this point in time.

Haha, I know a year is a year, on paper anyway, but when you have been in the same “job” forever doing long hours which are not only draining for you but sap the life out of your family too, you have to ask if there is more to life than work… Is there?

You may not be able to change your job any time soon, you may not even want to, but you can change your thinking and the way you go about your day to day living in general.

Make plans with your finance, even little ones. Treat yourself, your family.

Try to make something “different” every week.

Try to do something that will make a difference in the long run if you can’t change anything straight away.

As little as a couple of hours, a week can make a huge difference.

Have a bigger goal than just punching out at the end of a long shift.

I started my journey with Wealthy Affiliate.

I won’t say I never looked back because my father taught me never to burn my bridges, but I can say that I haven’t turned around and gone back since.

Let’s just say it’s a fork in the road for anyone who wants to make a little change in their lives, pun intended. For a few extra hours a week, you can build yourself a website which pays for itself and gives you financial freedom in the process.

You can effectively change your life for good … A bit of work and you can finance the rest of your life…