300px-Glass-of-water3That’s right. I’m taking no prisoners.

Imagine this is your glass.

A lot has happened to me to get me to this point. Some before the big four zero, and some after. We spend our childhoods trying to be adults. Then we have that fuzzy bit in the middle when we don’t know what we are but we clearly know everything else…(teenagers, ha ha)

Then, before we know it, we hit that mid-thirty zone when things generally start to “settle”. You fall into that place where you think “this is my lot.”.

Is it? Is this really “your lot?” Is this really all that the great librarian in the sky had in mind for you?

You look back and think, how have so many things passed me by?

There are places you haven’t been to, things you haven’t done, stuff you feel you just need to accomplish. Could be anything from reading a book to a trip around the world.

You start to compare yourselves to your peers, to your family, and worse still, to your old classmates at some reunion, or the other social hubs such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (other social networks are available).

Well, it’s never too late…

Grab a pen and paper. Make a bucket list. Put the list where everyone can see it if that will help you achieve it. Go out and do those things that you have always wanted to. First you have to want them to happen, and then you have to make them happen. It’s all in your hands.

Don’t think of your glass as half-empty.

That is the most negative way to look at it. Think of your glass as half-full, and then go the rest of the way to filling it up yourself. Its your glass… It’s your attitude. Make it count. Make tomorrow count…