This is the members section of Forty Plus

Here, members can find friends and groups.

Follow up on members and membership activity.

Find topics.

Open discussions and stay in touch with other members.

Probably more for my benefit than yours, I’d like to
  • Increase new subscribers to my blog
  • Increase social media followers
  • Provide my visitors with useful and accurate information
  • Increase time on site and page views
  • Result in a good experience for you, the searcher
  • Increase readers & gain new clients
  • Increase “engagement” of my readers
If I build it, they will come…

If you’re a Costner fan (showing my age) you’ll understand. Ref “Field of Dreams” if you don’t.

As of now, March 2016, this is still in its early stages, Beta mode as some may say.

I haven’t come this far alone and I would like your engagement to help me take it further and to improve it.

Ideas are always helpful. Criticism even more so. Engagement is paramount.

It’s my first crack  at building a website, I won’t pretend otherwise.

I’m on a journey of discovery in so many ways. This is the proof that an old dog can learn new tricks.

The new tricks don’t stop with the website I’m building. The new tricks start from learning and sharing members life experiences however big or small. And if you want to build a website, I guess I can point you to here, where I started.

It’s NEVER too late to learn something new.

It’s NEVER too late to teach something new.

Make it a THING to go out and learn something new everyday, and to impart knowledge as well as kindle enthusiasm.

Age should never be a boundary to education, merely a point of reference…

There is a wealth of knowledge and experience out there and YOU are as much a teacher as you are a student.