Raising Children at 40+

experience 1I cannot possibly cover the sheer size of the topic of raising children at 40+ in one digestible sitting, so I’ll try to break it down into bite size portions as much as possible (constantly referring to food?), and I’ll leave you to add to the discussion, this is your page after all. You can also suggest below, the next installment of this subject .

I am going to throw a few positives out there, since, in my humble opinion, there are more to get through.

wisdom 7Even if you are a first time parent, raising children at 40+,

you will have seen a lot. You will have crossed many bridges, travelled many roads and met many people. You will have encountered countless and invaluable scenarios, whether your own or of those around you. You will have seen innumerable shows on TV, listened to songs on the radio, read articles in magazines, and on each occasion, related them to yourself in some way. In short, by now you should have walked many miles, in many people’s shoes.


experience 2I can pretty much guarantee

that for a majority of you, the person you are now in you 40+ years, is not the same person you were in your twenties. Your politics may have changed shape, or even colour. As will your relationship with religion, or not, as the case may be. Your dealings with people over the years may have softened you, or hardened you. There is no “one-size fits all” in relation to HOW you have grown over the years, but the fact is that you will have grown, time waits for no person…


wisdom 2Consider what experience you have

to offer raising children at 40+, not just to your children, but to your community. The definition of wisdom is Knowledge gained by experience. You probably have that in spades. What you need to do is address that, regularly, remind yourself that you have “been there and done that”, word of note, you don’t have to have been successful at it. You just need to know what decision you would make if a similar situation arose. Think of your successes as bricks, and your failures and attempts as the cement that holds them all together, they are what made you who you are after all. At his point you can hit pause and run through those golden nuggets of wisdom that you have acquired over the years, and maybe taken for granted.


wisdom 3Your children aren’t going to understand

how old you are, not for a long while. The only person, or people who will dwell on the numbers are other adults, and maybe some teenagers, and the odd 8 year old (he says from experience…). What you have, is the ability to consider every stage they are going to go through, right up to the you are at now. You will have the knowledge to advise them accordingly, and most importantly, you should have the patience to underreact to their poor decisions and not show panic at every opportunity. They are precious, and need you to be the best version of you that you can be. Be proud of your numbers, and use them to your advantage.


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What were your thoughts before your decision or was it a surprise blessing?

Can you offer any tips on looking after yourself as a 40+ parent?

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