January, the longest month

So, the first week of the longest month has just passed for those of us who don’t get paid until the end of the January. Bank accounts already empty and a few of those New Years’ Resolutions are already being reconsidered.

Working from home perhaps?

january 2 Kids back at school with all the drama that surrounds them? Work in the office hasn’t quite kicked in yet as not everyone is back in from their holidays so, let’s face it, boredom is the thin end of the wedge, with frustration at the other….Fifty Shades of GRRRRR….

Well, I’m going to take my moments of boredom to ask, can you be a better you? And can you help me be a better me?

There’s a hell of a lot of life experience floating around out there and i’d like to gather some here. There is always a lot we can learn from eachother just as there is so much we have to offer eachother.

(Disclaimer alert)

january 1I’m no expert in anything in particular, so you won’t be getting any “professional” advice from me. What you will get is tips from my own experiences, more importantly though, I want YOUR hints, tips, knowledge and whatever else you care to share, experiences would be nice, that you feel will help someone else on their journey through life.

Firstly, what are, and in some cases “were” your resolutions?

My first tip for the year is regarding resolutions “The more people you tell, the more chance you have of remaining committed to them.” So, no pressure…

Secondly, how do you get through the longest month? Should employers do more to ease the burden, like interim payments or “subs”? Or is it totally up to you to manage your finances for that month? I mean, it’s not like we all get an Xmas bonus to tide us over, is it?