You work hard for your money.

You’re 40+, you work all the hours under the sun….. For what? Work is good. Money is good, but living for tomorrow? Tomorrow never comes.

Put dates on calendars, please. Plan a holiday, go for dinner, reward yourself just a little but do it often. Work is work, but remember your family, your partners and/or your friends. Do you remember the last time you went out to eat? Weigh up the cost versus the invaluable family time.

When was the last time you went on holiday?

Again cost vs invaluable time. Save for that holiday. Take a couple of hours pay and ring-fence that for your next holiday trip. Book early! The earlier the better or more to the point, the earlier the cheaper. Plan it, book it, put a deposit on it way in advance and then save up slowly and pay off the balance.

For those of you who don’t or haven’t travelled much if at all, it’s not that daunting. Just remember, if you’re going abroad, to have your passports, visas (if required) and travel insurance organised well in advance.

Set yourselves a goal.

The most common failure people make is to say that they’ll do it when they have the money…. Erm… No. Especially if you’re not well paid or don’t have savings to fall back on. Don’t use that as an excuse. All the money you have now is all the money you need, just take a little of it and put it aside.

Can you tell me when and where your last holiday was? Where was it to?

Have you considered a short cruise perhaps? Or a trip into Europe on a train?

And what can you recommend to anyone who wants to travel but hasn’t quite made up their minds?