First of all, thank you for visiting my website, I’m Ali, the owner of Forty Plus Not Out.


Here at FortyPlus NotOut, we want you to Have your say. We want you to get an opportunity to deliver your opinion on something/anything. We want you to share your wealth of experience and wisdom, and maybe to pick up a few tidbits here and there along the way. In your everyday travels, you may not get a chance to have your say unless you shout it. You have the floor, as they say. There is a foundation of life affecting topics we wish to cover. Not mainstream headline news, but everyday situations, which require everyday attention.

I am a 40+ as you may have guessed. What I’m here to do is not strictly geared towards any age in particular. You could be long past forty or still on your way. I’m going to tell you that, having reflected a lot on my past, and hearing a lot of stories from those who “have been there and done that”, I feel that sometimes I just missed out.

FortyPlus and Nothing is out of reach…

There are always things that you believe to be “out of reach”. You dismiss them out of hand, to the point of not allowing them to figure in your life. The fact is that you don’t have to own a Chinese restaurant in order to get a Chinese takeaway. You go out, you get it, you enjoy it, and life goes on.

The same can be applied to other aspects of your life at pretty much any time in your life, just don’t let those things pass you by.

Money seems to be a key factor in a lot of decisions. There are usually reasonable and/or suitable alternatives right under our noses, and I’m here with Forty Plus to sniff them out…

Make a list of the things you have always wanted to do, and see if you can make them happen.

You’ve come this far.

If you have ideas to share, please do and if you would like ideas, please ask. I may not have all the answers, but there’s a whole world full of people out there who may be able to help.

Thanks for reading this far, I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Have Your Say.

Feel free to email me at FortyPlus, and I’ll be glad to help you out with anything you want to know.

Your friend,



Your contributions to this site are greatly appreciated.

We rely on inputs of all kinds in order to continue.

If you feel that we at FortyPlus have helped you in any way and wish to support the production of this site.

2 thoughts on “FortyPlus”

  1. Ali very thoughtful and well written. It seems you have some reservations about where you are and how to progress from here. Have you given any thought to asking your best friend, wife, work associate, or neighbor. Some people with your interest at heart just maybe they will have some interesting ideas. Wishing you all the best in 2016.

    Your friend,

    1. Thank you for your feedback Bill. My reservations are more about technical know-how rather than content. How and where to add banners and links without overpopulating pages. Looking forward to seeing your work. Kindest regards. Ali.

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