Healthy Food: Are These Seven Foods So Bad?

Of course, far from all women are supporters of an exceptionally healthy diet. Most often, we eat everything without really bothering ourselves with the head, is it harmful or beneficial for our body. This is especially true for sweets. Sometimes you clearly understand what you need to refuse, but no – the hand is already reaching for another delicacy.

And yet, this material is dedicated to those girls and women who can be called adherents of healthy diet food. How often do they have to give up butter, milk or cheese in the name of a healthy diet! But in this way, by constant failures, it is not difficult to go too far. How many really useful nutrients you deprive yourself by ruthlessly deleting your favourite dishes or products from your menu! Maybe it’s time to slightly reconsider your view on this issue?


Yes, many kinds of cheese contain a large amount of fat and, therefore, are very high in calories. 
However, do not forget that cheese is the richest source of calcium and amino acids!

Specifically, linoleic acid alone in cheese helps the body reduce the risk of heart disease, cancer and diabetes! Another plus of this acid is that it blocks the accumulation of fat by our body, thereby helping to lose weight. Add all kinds of feta cheese to your menus, such as Feta, blue cheese, Parmesan, and goat cheese.


If someone tells you that chocolate causes acne (pimples) or migraines – don’t believe it! This is not true. But chocolate has antioxidants that fight ageing, cancer and heart disease. In addition, you noticed that it is worth tasting chocolate at the moment of sadness, how is the mood going up sharply ?! And all because chocolate contains serotonin – a mild antidepressant.

If you still decide to rehabilitate chocolate, then choose dark or bitter chocolate as a cleaner, without various taste impurities. It contains less fatty cocoa butter. Do not save on yourself: buy the highest quality chocolate. But chocolates and sweets with caramel filling, with marshmallows or marmalade inside, should still be avoided as excessively high-calorie ones.


Have you decided to completely remove meat from your diet and switch to fish or chicken? In vain! For example, the same beef is an excellent source of protein and nutrients that are essential for the female body, such as zinc, iron, and vitamin B12.

Good, quality meat – tenderloin or sirloin, with a minimum amount of fat – has not hurt anyone else. A little steak, more vegetables for a side dish – this is nutritious and healthy!

But it’s probably worth giving up tasty ribs. They are very fatty, and, therefore, too high in calories.


Adults generally rarely consume milk, and to refuse it for any “ideological” reasons is completely stupid! There is an amazing amount of calcium in milk. Our female body needs it! Regular milk intake helps prevent osteoporosis, lowers high blood pressure and even helps fight obesity!

It is better to choose to skim milk. There is no need to overload your body with excess calories. You do not like “light” milk, preferring the usual 3.5% fat content? Is it thicker, tastier, and “light” milk doesn’t taste so good? In this case, accustom yourself to less fat milk gradually. Instead of “Village House” 3.5%, buy a bag of milk 2% … Get used to it – reduce fat content again: 1.5%, and so to 0.5% fat content.


Like many women who sincerely love coffee, they forced themselves to abandon the adorable drink only because it is believed that coffee causes an increase in blood pressure, leads to heart problems and other unpleasant things. 

Recent studies have disproved the link between caffeine and these diseases. On the contrary, caffeine can reduce the manifestation of signs of allergies, improves concentration and concentration, invigorates and improves mood. Naturally, this fine drink is best not to be abused. 2 – 3 cups of real brewed coffee per day will be enough. Plus some sugar and low-fat cream.


Some women have reduced or completely abandoned the use of eggs for the reason that, supposedly, they have a high cholesterol content. However, it is not.

In contrast, those saturated fats, not cholesterol, found in chicken eggs are crucial for heart muscle health. Eggs are highly non-nutritive and contain lutein, a nutrient essential to the health of our eyes.

Eat without fear hard-boiled or soft-boiled eggs. Egg white omelettes (without yolk) are completely non-nutritive. Cook a vegetarian quiche with spinach. (Spinach also has a lot of lutein).


Yes, nuts are very high in calories, so eat them in large quantities is not worth it. But a little – very yes! 
They have a lot of fat, but they are healthy fats. They have a beneficial effect on the work of the heart. In addition, a small number of nuts will allow you to feel a feeling of satiety for much longer. There is a lot of magnesium in nuts. It helps the body cope with signs of PMS, such as bloating, mood swings, and headache. 
A small handful of nuts (about 170 calories) as an appetizer will make your light lunch or dinner more nutritious and hearty. Add them to salads, oatmeal, eat just like that.

What about alcohol?

Recent studies have shown that one glass of good red (white) wine per day can be beneficial to the body. A few glasses of good wine a week reduce the risk of coronary heart disease. According to one study, one glass of wine does not increase weight. 
But you should never forget: alcohol is one of those things in which the main thing is to know the measure. One glass will benefit you, and three will do nothing but harm.

Forty Plus and not ready to be written off. There is so much more to do and to learn. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so live it, and live it well...

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