In humans, a previously unknown dark organ was discovered.

It seems that modern medicine has already moved rapidly and very far in recent times. Although even in ancient times, people knew a lot about the structure of the human body and even about the functions of various organs. It turned out that even now we know far from everything about our body.

Secret organ pierced the whole body

Especially now it is difficult to imagine that any fundamental anatomical discoveries can be made. Nevertheless, scientists recently discovered a previously unknown dark organ in the human body.  

The sensational results of a new medical study were published in the scientific journal Science Reports. “Previously unknown tissues have been revealed in the human body,” an authoritative publication reports.

The first preliminary information about them appeared several years ago. In 2011, scientists discovered a network of dark fibers in the human body. But then nothing more could be established about them.

Now, thanks to the latest technological capabilities, this hidden part of the human body have been investigated in more detail and some details have been learned.

As it turned out, these tissues are fluid-filled and located throughout the body, including the subcutaneous space, muscles, lungs, gastrointestinal tract, urinary tract …

Previously, scientists thought that these fibers are a layer of collagen, that is, a fibrillar protein that forms the basis of the connective tissue of the body.

But this study clearly showed that they consist of spaces that are supported by a framework of collagen bundles. Perhaps they contain 20% of all body fluids.

The secret organ becomes apparent

Researchers say that previously these tissues were not detected by the usual microscopic preparations that scientists use to study the cellular structure.

When specialists prepare tissue samples for research, they treat them with chemicals, cutting into thin strips and tinting.

As a result of such manipulations, the spaces are destroyed, and then the liquid leaves them.

Therefore, the detected structures could only be seen using a new technique that allows the study of living tissue at the microscopic level.

The secret body on the eve of official recognition

Scientists are inclined to believe that these issues can be considered a separate independent body organ – interstitium.

However, in order for the found part of the body to become officially called the organ, it is necessary that as many specialists as possible to study it and confirm the results of the described study.

This discovery can be of great importance for a wide variety of medical fields. For example, it is possible that it will be able to explain how and why cancer cells enter the lymph nodes.

After all, these spaces filled with liquid, according to the study, are a source of lymph containing white blood cells, which in turn fight the infection.

We look forward to the new research that will please us with new knowledge about ourselves.

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