Insidious beer: risk factors

Lovers of addicted to the intoxicating drink have every chance to turn into females. Doctors came to this conclusion by studying the effect of phytoestrogens contained in beer. Fortunately, as the urologist andrologist Valery Davidyan explained, after a timely refusal of a drink, men can regain their strength.

The content of phytoestrogens in beer is a well-known fact. However, few people think about their effects on the body. So, according to the urologist andrologist Valery Davidyan, the abuse of beer in men can lead to potency. “Phytoestrogens are antagonists of testosterone, the most important male sex hormone. As a result of excessive beer consumption, the effect of testosterone is levelled, ”said Davidyan.

To cope with an already neglected situation, when the level of testosterone cannot be increased, according to Valery Davidyan, it is possible with the help of plastic surgery of the cells. As such, there is no cure, it is a lifelong use of testosterone.

According to studies, phytoestrogens also stimulate the production of female sex hormones. As a result, it can cause unpleasant side effects in the male body. For example, muscle mass decreases markedly, the number decreases or the hair on the body and face disappears altogether, and the chest and hips increase.

In this case, the figure begins to form according to the female type. And, perhaps, the most unpleasant thing is that regular drinking of beer can lead not only to weight gain and the so-called beer belly but also to dysfunction of the biliary tract and pancreas.

Meanwhile, the number of beer lovers in Russia is constantly growing. Per capita accounts for an average of 62 litres a year. In general, in terms of the consumption of a hot drink, our country moved to 30th place in the world, and in terms of production – to fifth, leaving behind only China, the USA, Germany and Brazil.

Sad statistics were summed up in the Southern Urals. There, for every thousand men, there are over one thousand one hundred women. Russians consider beer to be “light.” Even parents do not forbid their children to drink a foamy drink. Increasingly, one can find quite prosperous families in which preschoolers regularly pour beer.

Doctors say that young residents in droves begin to try alcohol at the age of 13. At the same time, doctors note that addiction to beer arises no less than to stronger drinks, especially in adolescence. Even a small amount of alcohol leads to dysfunctional brain disorders, a daily bottle of beer leads to the accumulation of alcohol in the blood, the dose is required more and more.

And then irreversible personality changes will certainly follow: first coarsening of emotions, then weakening of memory and attention, then inhibition of motor functions. All this, in addition to the above-mentioned consequences, does not contribute to broadening the horizons and interests of the individual, leading to gradual but steady degradation.

Psychotherapists note that physical changes also entail mental ones. More and more men are abandoning the role of the earner. They readily become housewives and caregivers, leaving the right to earn money and provide for family women.

However, a completely different opinion is shared by psychologist Yuri Levchenko. In his opinion, excessive consumption of beer affects the kidneys, liver, and the psyche – no. A person who drinks beer cannot be a housewife. He will not sit at home, he will be drawn to friends to sit for a bottle of beer. And in small doses it is useful. ”

Questions remain open – in how many mugs this useful amount of beer is placed and where is the line that should not be crossed?

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