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Learning to get up in the morning with the “right foot”

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If everything falls out of a person’s hands, they say that “he got up on the wrong foot.” These are not just words. It has been proven by medicine: in order for you to have a good day, you need to wake up properly.

First things first, you do not have to abruptly jump out of bed at the first sound of the alarm clock. The transition from sleep to wakefulness should be unhurried and correct. To do this, it’s useful even for a healthy person to do some exercises and sipping. Indeed, in a dream, some processes slow down (metabolic, for example), while others intensify (say, nervous). It is believed that in a dream the brain processes all the information that it received during the day, sort of sorting it out. There are changes in the cardiovascular system, the volume of circulating blood decreases. The spine relaxes. All these systems must be prepared for daytime work. There are some very simple recommendations for this.

In the morning you need to recharge with joy, and therefore, has not yet opened your eyes, it is contraindicated to begin to sort through all the things that need to be done on this day. Better turn on some nice music. It is morning and you have to deal exclusively with your beloved.

If you are healthy

To activate the cardiovascular system, it is necessary, lying on your back and resting your hands on your stomach, take several deep breaths and exhalations, straining your stomach and protruding the abdominal wall very much when you inhale, and when you exhale, push it into yourself as much as possible. Thus, you will disperse the stagnant blood in the abdominal cavity. Take 10-15 such breaths. Those who find it difficult to perform an exercise with their legs extended can bend them a little.

After that, rollover to your left side and lie down in the fetal position, that is, by pulling your knees to the chin as much as possible. Put your right hand on the right hypochondrium and also take 5 to 15 breaths. With this exercise, you clear the bile ducts, it is very useful for those who have a tight intestine.  

Another thing to do in the morning is to stretch the spine: the right arm is stretched forward, the right heel is pulled in the opposite direction, then the same thing on the left side. Then with two hands, you reach up, and heels down.

Remember how a cat wakes up, how it stretches its spine, that is, in the knee-elbow position, you need to bend, and then bend your back, touching the chest with your chest. After this little gymnastics, you also do not have to jump right in. Sit and sit on your bed a bit before.

If you are hypertensive

If you have any kind of chronic illness, some features appear in the morning awakening. For people with hypertension, morning is the most difficult time, and statistics, unfortunately, confirm that the largest number of catastrophes with hypertension (crises, strokes, sudden death) occurs between 6 and 11 in the morning. Therefore, hypertension in bed you need to take medicine and lie down for some time. To ensure that there is no unnecessary load in the morning, everything you need – from the evening, should be prepared from the evening, from the breakfast, which will only have to be warmed up, to the costume that you put on without standing for half an hour in front of the closet, nervous about the lack of time. Morning bustle can trigger a disease.

If you have back problems

People suffering from osteochondrosis, especially the cervical and thoracic, in the morning there are discomfort, dizziness, nausea. They can be advised to do all the breathing exercises mentioned above, but after that, you need to get up very carefully. First, get your feet out of bed and lie down so little. Then sit down and with your eyes open, very gently make 5–10 tilts of the head left and right and 5–10 times tilt it back and forth. After that, get up, stand for a bit and start your day. Approximately the same ritual should be in patients with hypotension (low blood pressure). They know that with a sharp movement, especially when moving from horizontal to vertical, there is noise in the ears, darkens in the eyes.

If you have varicose veins

In the morning you need to do gymnastics for the legs (small lifts, scissors). After this gymnastics, without getting up, raise your legs, lean them against the wall at a right angle to the body. In this position, you need to stay for at least ten minutes, and only after that you can carefully stretch the elastic stocking or begin to bandage the legs. If you got up in the morning, lowered your legs, and then caught on and put on a stocking, you hurt yourself, because the venous valves have already lowered down and an elastic stocking or bandage fixes their pathological position. It’s better not to bandage at all.

As you can see, all this is not very difficult, however, it takes a little longer, but these are preventative medical procedures, and it is better to spend 15–20 minutes every morning and maintain yourself in good condition than to suffer from pain and go to the doctors during the day. If you do everything right, no one will say that you got up on the wrong foot.

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