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Lifting after diets

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Diets lead not only to a slim figure but also to skin problems. How to deal with them?

Yulia Nikolaevna Nikolaeva, the cosmetologist of the St. Petersburg salon, answers the readers’ questions.

“My skin on my face and stomach has become flabby. Could this be due to the harsh diet I’ve been on for a month and a half? If so, what should I do? I want to look normal and not be fat.” 
Olga, 38 years old, Anapa

– Of course, with a sharp weight loss, the skin stretches and sags. In young people, this is not very noticeable. And for women of “Balzac age,” such changes are immediately evident. So those who go on a diet should not forget that ideal weight loss is no more than 3% of the total body weight per month. Therefore, you need to lose weight wisely.

But what to do to those who have already experienced the consequences of improperly selected diets? How to restore skin tone? There are several options here. It must be emphasized that the impact must be comprehensive. You can not do just one cosmetic procedure or product. The fight must be given in all directions. Combine visiting a beautician with a selection of creams and lifting serums. Only then can we hope for a quick and noticeable result.

“Over the past three months I have lost a lot of weight – I have lost more than fourteen kilograms. I am pleased with the figure, but now my skin has become flabby and new wrinkles have appeared. How to get rid of them?” 
Victoria, 40 years old, Surgut

– The ideal combination would be a visit to a professional cosmetologist and the right selection of home cosmetics. Salon procedures with a tightening effect, there are a great many. But the best lifting can be achieved not with the help of various devices, but with the help of skilful hands. It’s about massage. If it is done by a master, then the result can be simply magnificent. After the first few sessions, a noticeable improvement will occur. The skin will be smoothed out a little, the oval of the face will become clearer, the depth of recent wrinkles will decrease. And by the end of the course, a woman may forget that there were some problems with her appearance.

In fairness, I must say that this will happen only if the skin sagged slightly. If flabbiness is strongly expressed, then a massage is not enough. It needs to be strengthened with something else, for example, microcurrent therapy. The skin is exposed to currents of a certain frequency. The blood supply to almost all tissues is increasing. Metabolism is activated. All this leads to the fact that the skin very quickly restores its elasticity. So microcurrent therapy gives an excellent lifting effect. And if you combine it with massage, then the result will come faster and will be more pronounced.

“After I lose weight, my face skin sags a little. Can this be prevented if I am going to go on another diet?” 
Elena Klimenko, 30 years old, Moscow

– Even with a balanced diet, you can prevent premature ageing. This should be done with regular peeling, masks and, of course, creams. During the diet, you can use active creams. They must contain phytohormones, collagen, ubiquinone and other anti-ageing supplements.

It is advisable that they be part of the funds intended for night use. The fact is that the division of epidermal cells reaches its peak by about one in the morning. It is at this time that the best assimilation of all cosmetic components is going on. And in the afternoon you need to apply creams with a high moisturizer. 
As for masks, honey and red-yellow vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, tomatoes, peaches, and apricots, have the best lifting properties. They contain a large amount of the precursor of vitamin A. It preserves the skin tone and enhances its elasticity.

“I had problems with my kidneys, so there were swelling under my eyes. Now I am cured, the swelling is gone, and” bags “appeared in their place. What should I do with them?” Marianna, 36 years old, Kiev

– If the “bags” are large, then you need to think about the operation and consult a surgeon. If skin changes are not pronounced, then you can do visiting a beautician and home care. In the salon, you can try the same massage, microcurrents, ultrasound procedures and masks from professional cosmetic lines.

At home, you can use creams around the eyes with a lifting effect. It is better to apply them also at night. And in the afternoon it is necessary to resort to the help of serums which are specially intended for a flabby skin of eyelids. It is necessary to apply them along certain lines: along the lower eyelid it is necessary to move from the temples to the bridge of the nose, and along the upper, on the contrary, from the bridge of the nose to the temples. Serums cannot be used for a long time, usually, the course is limited to 2 weeks. If you visit a cosmetologist at the same time, the result will be most pronounced. After all, comprehensive care always brings more benefits.

But for everything else, one should not forget about masks. We will not talk about professional lines – they are different in each salon. But at home, you can make applications with honey. In water, bath melts 1 tbsp. l honey, to which is added 1 tbsp. l wheat flour and one beat egg white. This thick mixture is applied to the area around the eyes and left for 15 minutes. Then the dried mass is washed off with warm water. You need to do this procedure every day for a month, only then it will give noticeable results.

You can also make a mask with parsley, and its “tops” and “roots” are used. Both of them are mixed in a coffee grinder into a continuous mass, which is then applied for 15 minutes forever. This procedure is carried out daily for two weeks. During this time, the skin becomes more toned and supple.

The same effect can be achieved with herbal compresses. For this, 1 tsp. Dry chamomile, dill or sage is poured 1/2 cup boiling water and placed under the lid for 10 minutes. After this, the infusion is filtered and divided into two parts. One of them cools, and the other is heated. Then, alternately warm and cold compresses are put on forever. This procedure should be done every other day within a month and a half. In this case, regularity is the key to success, because elasticity is restored only after 15-20 sessions.

“After giving birth, I became very fat. In order to restore my shape, I went on a diet, went in for sports intensively. The excess weight came off, but the skin on the hips and lower abdomen was very saggy. How to eliminate this defect?” 
Liana, 26 years old, Yerevan

– In this case, the most effective will be the salon procedures. First of all, it is mesotherapy and ozone therapy. The second is a variety of the first, only in this case, not cocktails of active substances are introduced under the skin, but ozone-oxygen mixtures. The problem area is chipped by them from all sides, and various biochemical transformations are activated in this place. They lead to an improvement in the condition of the skin, it’s tightening, increase in elasticity.

This result becomes noticeable after about 5-6 procedures, although in many respects the effect depends on the individual characteristics of the body. But in any case, mesotherapy and ozone therapy very well cope with sagging skin. So to carry out these procedures makes sense.

And if you supplement them with a professional massage, then it will be just wonderful. Then minor changes will be eliminated in just a few weeks. But if flabbiness is strongly expressed, the skin hangs from the abdomen like an apron, then no mesotherapy and no massage will make the figure perfect. In this case, only plastic surgery can help – abdominoplasty. It consists of removing this “apron”. After the operation, a subtle scar will remain on the skin, which will not even prevent you from wearing open swimwear.

“I heard that honey massage and fat drives away and does not allow the skin to sag. Is this true?” Irina, 23 years old, Kazan

– Honey massage has long been recognized as an excellent remedy for cellulite and obesity. It is not necessary to carry out the procedure in the cabin. It can be done independently. Honey is applied to problem areas, which are “driven” into the skin with light pats. Each time, the amplitude and strength of the movements become more and more. The procedure ends with a woman hitting herself on the hips, stomach and buttocks from the heart.

Of course, this is pretty painful. Moreover, after such self-torture, small bruises and pinpoint haemorrhages remain on the skin. But after a few sessions, they disappear and no longer appear. But the skin becomes elastic and very soft. Such it will be after 10-15 procedures, which are carried out with an interval of one or two days.

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