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Psychologists have found the origins of male and female jealousy

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Men and women are jealous of completely different things. Women most often feel jealous if they feel the infidelity coming from a partner. Men are more specific: with signs of adultery. Researchers see the reason for this state of affairs in the evolution of mankind.

Women, first of all, note the partner’s nascent feelings for another woman. Men are more likely to respond to female adultery. Psychologists from the University of Bielefeld (Germany), who conducted a series of experiments with 206 volunteers, believe that the origins of jealousy have their roots in the early period of human history, whose consequences are still affecting it.

During the experiment, the subjects had to indicate which of the proposed options for different situations seemed to them the most “unbearable”. For women, an “unbearable” situation developed with signs of emotional infidelity of a man. For the stronger sex, the real blow was the situation if the woman was unfaithful in bed.

– This can be explained by the fact that women’s reproductive function of male sexual infidelity is not adversely affected, – says scientist Achim Shyuttsvol ( by Achim Schützwohl ). – For women, the adultery of men is completely indifferent. However, in the early stages of evolution, if he avoided taking care of his offspring, this could lead to the death of the woman and her children.

Unconscious mechanisms of fear continue to exist.

– In the case of a man, the evolutionary situation looks completely different. Whether his partner is true is important for a man, says Schutzvol, in the sense that he must be sure that these are his children. He was afraid to invest his energy in the younger generation, which might not be his seed.

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