The gut is not a place for an enema

In periodic attacks of health care, we begin to plague our own body with the most sophisticated torture. But even among them, cleansing the body occupies a special place. Coloproctologist Albina Tupikova talks about the features of national cleaning.

– In general, the very concept of “body cleansing” is vulgar and incorrect. They usually clean what is dirty. But in our body, everything is arranged so proportionately and verified that any external interference in the work of this miracle system is fraught with harm, sometimes irreparable. The body “cleans” itself: day and night, the kidneys, lungs, colon, skin, liver work … Of course, sometimes the “imbalance” of the systems occurs, but then we can only talk about the normalization of metabolic processes. The same purification methods that advertising offers us as preventative and therapeutic procedures, in my opinion, border on savagery.

For example, the popular “oil cleaning”. So usually offer to clean the liver and gall bladder. At the same time, the “cleaners” assure that as a result, even small stones come out of the gallbladder. In fact, due to the huge load on the organ, it is not stones that are ejected from it, but clots of bile. Moreover, usually neither the one who pours the oil nor the one who drinks it, knows what condition the pancreas of the person being cleaned is in? As a result, often it simply becomes inflamed, and if a person already had pancreatitis, then the case may end in the death of the organ – necrosis.

I have always been astonished by adherents of cleansing with enemas. After all, putting an enema is, to say the least, an unpleasant thing. Enema is generally unnatural for the body. Their purpose can be justified only in two cases – when there is a certain examination by a doctor or abdominal bowel surgery, and if a person has serious problems with stool (for example, after surgery).

Those enthusiasts who put themselves enemas several times a week, or even ten days in a row, do not become healthier at all. Separate drummers for greater efficiency simply insert one end of the tube into the tap and the other into the rectum. After such procedures, a person becomes, firstly, one hundred percent constipation (the gut weaned and stops working). Secondly, you can get serious complications, up to the rupture of the intestine. And, thirdly, a person gets dysbiosis, washing out all the beneficial microflora from the intestines.

Young girls and top models tend to sin with laxative cleansing. These poor things can be easily recognized in hospital corridors. Thin, translucent, they literally crawl along the wall. They take laxatives so as not to get better. They are not getting better. How can you eat something if you have chronic constipation? After all, after taking shock doses of laxatives, the nervous system of the colon suffers most. It completely loses its ability to contract. It is almost impossible to wake a dead gut.

Most often, people suffering from some violation of carbohydrate or fat metabolism come across advertising tricks with cleaning. Such a man will look at himself in the mirror – you need to lose weight. But I also want to eat. Where is the exit? And the person decides to flush the intestines. Indeed, when cleaning the intestine, microcirculation improves, but it will not be possible to remove the saggy stomach, supposedly having cleaned 5-6 kg of fecal stones – you still need to see why this stomach was formed at all. Most often, not stones are the reason for this, but fat or some kind of disease. Real weight loss (and, as a result, recovery) is a long and laborious process that requires the most important thing from a person – lifestyle changes (switching to a diet, getting physical activity, giving up bad habits). Not everyone is ready to make such long-term sacrifices.

Another contingent of cleansers is older people with constipation. I assure you that coloproctologists will think a hundred times before offering such a patient a set of tools to assist. They need a qualifying examination. In hypertensive patients, for example, hydrotherapy can trigger a heart attack.

First of all, hydrotherapy sessions are indicated for the treatment of constipation. For this, the apparatus was invented. But there is definitely nothing to clean in the gut. We do not clean the lacrimal glands? With hydrotherapy, you can make the gut work. With proposals for cleaning the colon, dermatologists refer patients with allergies and problem skin to proctologists. When washing the intestine, microcirculation improves, and an allergic person improves. With this procedure, you can establish a normal bowel function. But!

Before the procedure, a real study of the colon, its microflora is carried out, the intestinal pressure is measured, the reaction of the intestine to the temperature is determined, and so on. Not all patients are aware of their diseases, for example, hemorrhoids, polyps or tumors (hydrotherapy is strictly contraindicated). The examination will reveal the real picture, and the doctor will select the appropriate hydrotherapy regimen.

But the procedures and examination should be done by a specialist, and not by a “consultant” with a pot and klister (albeit the most modern in the form of an apparatus for hydrotherapy). The course of hydrotherapy should consist of no more than three sessions, which are held in a row for three days. You can repeat it no earlier than six months later. Remember, you have one gut. And she will come in handy.

Forty Plus and not ready to be written off. There is so much more to do and to learn. Today is the first day of the rest of your life, so live it, and live it well...

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