Ways to combat daytime sleepiness

Daytime sleepiness is not a diagnosis, but a condition caused by a failure of biorhythms – the person’s internal “clock”. Sleep on the go up to 46% of residents of megacities. Drowsy people can fall asleep at the wheel of a car, in public transport, at lectures, meetings, at their desks. Such people have reduced overall tone, memory, performance, they often end up in stressful situations.

The causes of drowsiness are many. These are insomnia, a quick change of time zones during flights, lack of sunlight, multi-shift work, stuffy offices, frequent visits to nightclubs and discos, taking some medications.

In addition, daytime sleepiness can accompany diseases such as hypothyroidism, obesity, hypotension, depression, diabetes mellitus, and alcoholism.

If sleepy people spend the first half of the day relatively productively, then the second half goes to fight sleep. As a rule, endless cups of coffee, tea, and even medicine are used. From overdoses tonic, biorhythms are even more upset, nerves are depleted, night sleep is disturbed. A person finds himself in a vicious circle.

The main way to combat daytime sleepiness is movement. The morning should begin with a charge and a contrast shower. At work, to disperse drowsiness, it is necessary to periodically do mini-exercises.

It helps to take vitamins and minerals. Lack of, for example, vitamin B 1 will respond to headache, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, palpitations, and vitamins B 2, B 6 – depression. Magnesium is necessary for the normal functioning of the nervous system. It is abundant in fish, crustaceans, nuts, lettuce, mushrooms, and seeds.

Nutrition for daytime sleepiness should be high-calorie, but moderate. Each person has his own rhythm of nutrition and his own concept of serving. A classic breakfast should consist of one slice of bread, 150 grams of buckwheat or oatmeal, or pasta. Meat or fish – no more than 100g. One egg, 50 g of cheese or half a glass of nuts can replace them. Vegetables and fruits are required. Refusal of alcohol is necessary, and nicotine should be minimized.

Natural blackcurrant juice has a good restorative effect, and carrot juice increases resistance to disease, increasing vitality. A mixture of sea buckthorn and grapefruit juice contributes to a good mood. Juices are best prepared as needed without adding sugar, but a teaspoon of honey will come in handy.

Stimulating collection can be made from equal amounts of nettle, echinacea, galangal, celery and golden root ground in a coffee grinder. Half a teaspoon of the powder is brewed with boiling water and after 5-10 minutes the infusion is ready.

The powder can be carried with you and used as needed by simply placing two pinches on the tongue and sucking for a while. But just do not take it closer to the evening, otherwise, you will not fall asleep at night.

Doses of ginseng, aralia or Eleutherococcus tincture are selected individually, but not more than 30 drops per dose. Otherwise, the pressure will rise, the heart will become frequent, irritability and insomnia will prevail.

A good way to restore strength is cedar oil. Take one teaspoon in his mouth, mix liberally with saliva and swallow. Take 3 times a day an hour before meals for a month.

Essential oils of lavender, rosemary, lemon, sage, jasmine are also often used in the fight against the daytime nap. It is enough to smell a bottle or a napkin flavored by them. You can put the aroma tank in the office and light it for 15-20 minutes with the windows closed. The staff cheer up.

At the end of the day, “sleepyheads” can drink half a glass of infusion of chamomile, knotweed and valerian root. In bed, mentally say a few times: “My dream is deep and calm. In the morning I wake up awake and energetic. Vigor will persist all day. No daytime sleepiness. Work is going well. ”

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